Freckle Player

Add interactive shopping to any mobile video

Shoppable, Interactive Videos

Freckle Player turns any static video content into an engaging shoppable experience using interactive touch points. Audiences simply can tap on products to reveal details and seamless in-video purchase options.

Add To Cart and Check Out In-Video

Freckle Player integrates with your e-commerce page to let customers complete orders without ever leaving the video player. Say goodbye to affiliate linking and cart abandonment, and take advantage of your audiences when they are most inspired and primed to make a purchase

Ready For Social Integration

Freckle player lives after the click or “swipe up” within digital or social channels. We provide a unique web URL for brands to integrate into their social media ads.

Campaign Analytics

Each tap on a customer’s screen is an invaluable datapoint that can aid in lead generation, product development, and many other business objectives. We instrument analytics for every unique campaign depending on the client’s specific objectives. We can create custom dashboarding solutions for your campaign, or integrate with your existing analytics providers.

Tailored For Your Business

We customize the Freckle Player experience for each client’s unique products and business goals. From bespoke player styling to match your brand to custom product views, every aspect of the player will be optimized to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Contact Us

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