Our Process

At Freckle, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter campaigns. We work with our clients to craft shoppable experiences as unique as the products they sell.


Set Campaign Goals

Chat with one of our reps to determine your brand's overall marketing goals and content needs. Whether you are starting fresh or would like to retrofit existing content, we can help make shoppable video a staple in your marketing strategy. Want to Drive sales? AB Test Products? Learn more about core audiences? We will work with you to build the most effective campaign possible.


Asset Creation

Based on your unique needs, our award-winning production team will begin generating custom video assets. For clients with existing video assets, we will re-render, edit, and optimize video content to make the most of our custom shopping integrations. For clients hoping to build a new shoppable campaign from the ground up, our team will execute the full process from creative pitches to premium production services.


Custom E-Commerce Integration

Our engineering team will seamlessly integrate your full e-commerce experience into a unique player implementation. From spinnable 360 product previews to custom checkout flows, each interactive touch-point will launch your customers into integrated shopping experiences as beautiful and unique as the products you sell.


Campaign Launch

Once your shoppable experience is ready for launch, we offer hosting services for the duration of the campaign. Simply link your unique freckle.shop campaign URL to your social media advertisement.


Campaign Optimization

We continue to work with you to analyze campaign data, optimize the user experience, and hone in on more efficient ad spends.

Contact Us

We’re excited to work with you! To begin the process, send us a quick message about your business.